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About us

About us

MHN Hair Restoration

Dealing with hair loss can be emotional, even painful. Thinning hair can contribute to lowered self-esteem and to self-imposed restrictions. It can keep you from living the bold, full life of your dreams. The good news is that there is hope for hair restoration, and myriad ways to restore yourself to total confidence. MHN Hair Restoration is proud to connect men, women, and children alike with the hair replacement products and procedures they need to regain a desired look.

A person wearing gloves examines the scalp of another person using a handheld device.
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In five decades of operation, MHN Hair Restoration has become a recognized industry leader—and an exemplary provider of hair restoration services. Our team of stylists, all of whom have been with us for 10 years or more, provide expertise in a range of trichology practices, topical treatments, and non-surgical hair restoration techniques, including both in-studio and at-home laser therapy. Ultimately, MHN offers advanced methods that are proven to be both safe and effective. Free consultations are provided to each client.

More than our technical expertise, however, MHN Hair Restoration is known for our friendly, welcoming demeanor. We strive to make our services easily accessible, and to provide a salon space that is as comfortable and accommodating as possible. In fact, we have recently renovated the studio to deliver the comfort and privacy that all of our clients crave.

The Journey Begins

Our Story

One of the original New York City hair restoration studios, MHN has been in business for 50 years and counting. Since the very beginning it has been a family-owned and operated business, now into its third generation of ownership. The company was founded by Michelle Cipriano, honored many times over for her lifetime achievements in the field of hair restoration; today, it is run primarily by her daughter, Diane Cipriano Puccio, and grandson, Chris Puccio.

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Our Team

When you arrive at MHN, the first thing you will notice is the high level of personal attention that you receive. We want to make sure all of our clients feel as though they are important to us, because they are. Your free consultation will consist of a scalp evaluation and then a discussion of the different possibilities that are available to you. Our stylists will talk you through some of the products and procedures we believe will be beneficial to you as you seek to restore your hair. Those solutions may range from toppers and extensions to non-surgical hair grafts to laser and trichology treatments—and everything we provide to our clients is tested and trustworthy.


Ultimately, our team understands that hair loss can strike anyone, and that it’s always devastating—but with our technical expertise and our customized solutions, we can truly help. everyone. We hope that you will not allow hair loss to prevent you from living a life full of self-confidence and boldness. Visit MHN Hair Restoration in our convenient Queens location, and take us up on our free consultation.

A man is sitting and looking into a handheld mirror while a female healthcare professional in scrubs and gloves examines his scalp.
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A Tribute To Our Founder,

Michelle Cipriano

Tough, competitive and devoted are terms often used to describe Michelle Cipriano, Founder of MHN Hair Studio. As a single mother supporting two daughters and a son, she was determined to achieve success.

Opening in Queens in 1969, just as the hair replacement industry was getting established, Michelle found herself in a men’s world primarily servicing men clientele and often being the only woman business owner at trade conferences. Definitely not a member of the “Club”, Michelle established herself as a national leader through advertising. She jumped into radio advertising sponsoring Howard Stern’s show.

While the hair loss industry focused on the men’s market, Michelle recognized the value of diversity and the need within the women’s market. She added advertising with Wendy Williams and Joan Rivers. She added broadcast television advertising, and her business expanded to studios in Manhattan and New Jersey.

In March, 2016, Michelle was honored with the Lifetime Visionary Award by Hair Visions International, the world-leading hair distributor.

Today the legacy continues with the next two generations: daughter, Diane Cipriano Puccio, and grandson, Nick Puccio. Diane is a cosmetologist and has worked alongside Michelle in their Queens studio until Michelle’s retirement. Nick is a certified trichology specialist