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Hair Restoration for Women

Root Causes

Women's Hair Loss

Many women spend time thinking about their hair—how to cut it, how to color it, how to style it. One thing most women don’t think about is losing it. That’s because hair loss has traditionally been associated with men. Baldness is a “guys’ thing,” not something that women need to seriously worry about. The truth, though, is that more than 30 million women struggle with hair loss—and that’s in the United States alone.

Women's Hair Solutions

Hair Loss Treatments For Women

No woman wants to consider the loss of her hair, yet hair loss is something that affects more than 30 million women across the country. Here’s the good news: There are always solutions. At MHN Hair Restoration, we have been working to address hair loss in men, women, and children for more than five decades and counting. We are recognized as true leaders in our field, and boast a range of cutting-edge solutions that can help women reclaim their natural look and their sense of confidence. To learn more about these options, we invite you to explore this page, or visit MHN Hair Restoration today for a free consultation with one of our stylists.

Corrective Methods...

Hair Restoration Systems For Women

Though the hair restoration systems we offer are various, they do share a few commonalities—all are safe, effective, and non-surgical. We can help you replace hair on any part of your scalp, and make it look exactly like your normal, growing hair.
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Hair Extensions & Toppers

Another set of options available to women dealing with thinning or partial hair loss: Extensions and toppers. Many women may have hair remaining on several parts of their head and are looking for a solution that will seamlessly blend in, offering additional thickness, length, or texture. MHN Hair Restoration provides women with a whole world of cutting-edge options.

Wigs for Women

Some women come to us faced with sudden or temporary hair loss—perhaps due to a medical condition or a treatment, like radiation therapy. For these women, the best solution may be a wig. Our team of stylists can help you in obtaining a beautiful, natural, custom-made wig—one that’s perfectly fitted to your scalp and made to replicate the look of natural, growing hair.

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Women's Hair Solutions

Hair Loss Prevention & Regrowth

There are many factors that can contribute to hair loss—yet no matter the specific reason, hair loss is always emotional. The message of hope we offer at MHN Hair Restoration is that you don’t have to settle for it. Our studio has long been devoted to helping women, men, and children fight back against hair loss—and in some cases that means preventing it before it even begins. To that end, our stylists can leverage their advanced knowledge of trichology (the science of the scalp) to take pre-emptive action against hair thinning, or else to keep further hair loss from occurring. Additionally, our team can provide a range of solutions to help stimulate new growth; we offer a spectrum of products ranging from laser therapies to topical agents. To learn about any of these solutions for hair loss, we invite you to visit our studio for a free consultation.

Preventative Methods...

Topical Thickening / Regrowth Products

Topical treatment, when applied to the scalp, can promote scalp health and in some cases promote hair growth. At MHN, we will recommend the best products to meet your needs—and of course, every product we endorse is proven to be both safe and effective. Our team provides access to Capilia Head First, HLCC, Anagize, and other brands that offer clients the results they are seeking. Set up a free consultation today to discover the best product for you.
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Trichology refers to the branch of dermatology that is specifically concerned with the scalp. Many Americans have unhealthy scalps, and often don’t even realize it, yet scalp conditions can play a big role in hair loss. By preserving the health of your scalp, you can often avert hair loss, which is what our trichology program is all about. At MHN you’ll find stylists who are well-versed in the science of the scalp, and who can recommend powerful and safe products for treating psoriasis, eczema, and even skin allergies that affect the scalp.

Laser Hair Growth Therapy

For some clients, low-level laser therapy has the potential to stimulate new growth in follicles that have essentially been dormant. The laser therapy options we provide at MHN are all FDA-approved, and include both in-studio laser treatments as well as lasers you can take home to use in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Laser therapy is an especially good preventative technique, something we recommend for those who have hair loss in their family.

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