Topical Thickening – Regrowth Products

There’s more than one way to address hair loss, to promote scalp health, and to restore your look and your sense of self-confidence. At MHN Hair Restoration, we leave no methodology unturned, and happily recommend a range of advanced, proven, and effective solutions for hair restoration. This includes even topical thickening and regrowth products, which, in the right circumstances, can help strengthen your hair, stimulate the hair growth cycle, and prevent against any further damage.

Topical Products From MHN

These topical agents are especially powerful when used in tandem with other solutions—including laser hair therapy. In fact, laser therapy and topical solutions have been shown to work more quickly and more fully when used together than when used separately.


At MHN Hair Restoration we recommend only the best hair products—products that are FDA-approved, made with natural ingredients, and evidenced to be both safe and effective. Among the different product lines we proudly offer are HLCC Scripts and Anagize. You can learn more about both of these by contacting us for a free consultation.


HLCC is one of the most popular lines on the market, able to treat hair loss in both women and men. The HLCC program boasts a number of different topical products, including a shampoo, a scalp therapy solution, a follicle re-stimulator, and more. Taken together, these unique products include a total of 11 different ingredients that all work to oppose DHT, the hormone that is most frequently associated with hair loss. There is also a follicle stimulator that is proven to get results, and can help to restart the hair growth cycle. We are pleased to recommend HLCC Scripts to many of our clients, used either with or without laser hair growth therapy.


Anagize is another topical line that MHN is proud to offer. This regimen is designed to stimulate the hair growth process. All of the products in the system are made from natural ingredients—ingredients that nourish and that thwart unnatural growth. Amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and vegetable extracts are all encompassed. The specific products in the Anagize system include scalp therapy cleansers, shampoos, bio-active serums, body conditioning treatments, and more. When used either alone or with laser hair growth therapy, the Anagize system can promote full, thick, and healthy hair.


The first step toward fighting hair loss is visiting the MHN Hair Restoration studio for a consultation, where you’ll learn more about these different solutions—and get a recommendation for the one that’s best for you. Get your hair back. Start today by contacting the MHN team at our Queens location.