Wigs For Women

Since our inception more than 50 years ago, MHN Hair Restoration has helped countless women adapt to hair loss—addressing the problem head-on with advanced and effective solutions. As hair loss treatments have advanced, we have evolved in kind, and we are proud of the cutting-edge products and procedures we can offer. With that said, our ultimate goal is to pair each woman with the hair restoration solution that best fits her needs—and in some instances, that may be something as simple as a wig or a custom prosthesis.

The MHN Approach To Wigs

Then again, there is nothing simplistic about our approach to wigs. As with everything else we do, the MHN Hair Restoration team goes to great lengths to provide wigs that are high-quality, naturally beautiful, and easy to maintain. With these wigs, women will regain their confidence and break through whatever limitations they have set for themselves.


Our stylists will work with you to select a prosthesis that perfectly replicates the natural color, feel, and wave of your hair; in other words, we can provide you with enhanced hair that is indistinct from your “regular” hair, providing you with normalcy during your chemotherapy or other medical treatment. Meanwhile, for custom wigs, women have the choice of something that matches their natural, growing hair—a common selection among women going through chemotherapy—or else to experience an entirely different look, color, and style. In our custom fittings, we also help to ensure each wig is comfortable and hassle-free.

Wig Fittings At MHN

Women are fitted for wigs in our newly renovated Queens studio area—a space that is completely confidential and made with your comfort in mind. As you work with the MHN team, you will get to know our experienced stylists, and to trust their insight into the styling and fitting processes.


A wig can provide a seamless way for women to maintain their appearance—and their poise—even in the face of life-changing events. We invite you to consider MHN Hair Restoration for all your custom wig needs.