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Hair Extensions & Toppers

Thinning hair can provoke an extreme emotional reaction, especially when the cause of hair loss is unclear. For some women, thinning hair can result in a lapse of self-assurance and a dearth of confidence. This does not have to be the new normal, though. It does not have to be something for which you settle. There are always ways for addressing hair loss; visit us at MHN Hair Restoration in Queens to discover some of the best, most advanced hair restoration techniques.

A Recognized Leader In Hair Solutions

MHN Hair Restoration has been a recognized leader in this field for more than 50 years now. One of the original hair restoration studios in New York, we emphasize a supportive, caring environment. Clients will find true friends and allies in our stylists, who are equipped to provide world-class hair restoration solutions—natural, elegant, and seamless ways to address hair loss directly.


For many women, especially those whose hair has simply thinned a bit, extensions and toppers can provide the best solutions. These products can be added to augment existing hair, providing new color or additional volume, texture, or length. Toppers and extensions from MHN are so natural-looking that no one will ever be able to tell them from your own, growing hair. Moreover, there are many different options for women to choose from, making this a truly ideal, non-surgical solution.

Logo for Hotheads Hair Extensions featuring a stylized "H" with gradient hair strands and the text "HOTHEADS HAIR EXTENSIONS" to the right.

Hot Head

MHN Hair Restoration is pleased to carry only the finest extension and topper brands, and that includes Hot Head. This brand of extensions is one that we recommend to many women who are simply trying to add volume and/or length to their existing hair. Additionally, Hot Head is a natural fit for women who have very thin hair, and can’t quite grow it out as much as they might like.


What makes Hot Head great is that it’s durable, and can adapt to any lifestyle. Women who wear Hot Head extensions don’t have to worry about them coming out or coming undone, even as they swim, work out, or do other physical activities. While reapplication is needed every six to eight weeks, this is actually something that many women look forward to, as it provides them an opportunity to work with their regular MHN stylist once again!

Black background with white and pink text reads, "100% Human Hair Simplicity Hair Extensions by Tressallure.


Simplicity is another brand of extension that MHN is proud to offer. Simplicity’s extensions are fully customized, which means they are unrivaled at blending into the natural, growing hair on a woman’s head—and again, they can offer amazing length and volume to women who aren’t able to grow out their hair quite as much as they might wish.


Extensions from Simplicity always look great, too. That’s because they are made with 100 percent natural human hair. These extensions can be applied quickly, painlessly, and safely. They are a completely non-surgical solution for women’s hair loss, and our stylists are trained and certified in Simplicity application!

Logo of Bombshell Extension Company with 'Bombshell' written in cursive and 'extension company' in regular font style.

Bomshell Extensions

A final product to spotlight is the line of extensions from Bombshell. Actually, the Bombshell products we apply at MHN Hair Restoration are more like toppers, but are fitted to existing hair with clips. This makes them especially quick, safe, and easy to apply, yet these beautiful natural-looking extensions can add significant volume to what a woman currently has on her head.


There are many options for women to choose from as they seek to regain their look and their confidence. These extensions and toppers are just the beginning. Come join one of our stylists in the comfortable and private MHN Hair Restoration studio for a free consultation, and discover the solution that’s right for you.