Hair Restoration Systems For Women

Confidence Is For Everyone

For many women who struggle with hair loss, the ideal solution is a hair restoration system, something that can be easily integrated into existing hair to provide fullness and length while also appearing natural and seamless. MHN Hair Restoration is happy to provide solutions that fit this description, including custom integration and custom prosthesis solutions.

We have been leaders in this field for more than 50 years, and are certified in some of the most advanced hair restoration applications currently available. Everything we offer to our clients is proven to be safe and effective. More than that, though, we take great pleasure in getting to know the women who visit our salon, and extend to each of them friendship, care, and support. Our stylists want to help you find the hair restoration solution that’s best for your needs.

MHN Hair Restoration is proud to offer free consultations, so don’t hesitate to visit our private, comfortable studio space for an evaluation. Additionally, we invite you to read on as we highlight some of our best hair restoration solutions for women.

360 Process for Women

The 360 Process is a technique that is completely natural and completely undetectable. This grafting procedure applies individual hairs to the hairline, so even those who look closely will not be able to tell that it is anything other than your natural, growing hair. The 360 Process provides one of the best ways to get real-looking results without the downtime of surgery.