Wigs For Men

When it comes to hair restoration, different men have varied needs and diverse expectations. For some men, hair loss is triggered by a medical condition, such as radiation treatment, and can come on suddenly. For men faced with rapid hair loss, the clearest option may be to select either a wig or a custom prosthesis—both allowing for immediate results, and for the man to replicate his natural appearance as closely as he sees fit.

About Men’s Wigs

For more than 50 years, MHN Hair Restoration has offered top-of-the-line solutions to men struggling with hair loss. This includes a rich array of wig and prosthesis services. Our stylists will recommend only the best, highest-quality wigs and prostheses for men who are looking to cover the effects of sudden or complete hair loss. We will also offer our support through each step of the process—from the initial consultation to fitting, as well as styling and maintenance.


When you visit MHN Hair Restoration to ask about a wig or custom prosthesis, the first thing you’ll notice is the studio itself. Newly renovated, the MHN studio provides a comfortable, welcoming, and completely private environment for you to talk with our stylists about your hair restoration needs. Something else you’ll be struck by is the friendliness and professionalism of our staff. Our stylists have all been with us for a decade or more, and are well-trained to provide warm, compassionate care to our clients. You’ll get to know your stylist, and truly enjoy spending time with that person whenever you come in for a fitting or for maintenance.

Types Of Men’s Wigs and Prostheses

The wigs and prostheses we provide are of the highest quality. Our wigs are all custom-made to look perfectly natural and “real.” We ensure a perfect fit and minimal upkeep. Our team can work with you to develop a wig that perfectly replicates your natural, growing hair, or else use this as an opportunity to pick a whole new look for yourself!


MHN Hair Restoration is also pleased to offer custom prostheses, which can also be ideal for replicating your natural hair look in the face of partial or total hair loss. Again, we can ensure that these fit perfectly and look totally “normal.” For both wigs and custom prostheses, we recommend clients come in for a consultation as soon as possible—before their medical treatment even begins—so that we can begin the customization process right away.


Something else to note is that our wig and prostheses services aren’t just for those dealing with cancer treatments and other medical conditions. Anyone who is struggling with hair loss, including Total Alopecia, may find wigs and prostheses to be the most comfortable solutions. With that said, we do invite you to join us for a free consultation and talk through the other options available, including topical solutions and laser therapy.

Find The Right Wig For You At MHN

The MHN team will work with you to ensure clean and healthy scalp conditions, to prevent further hair loss, and ultimately to maintain your appearance and your self-assurance—no matter what kind of hair loss you’re facing. We are a recognized leader in hair restoration, and we invite you to join us for a consultation at our Queens location today.